About Us

AirKnowledge is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). AirKnowledge is an air quality training program focused on partner training needs based on a core set of air quality curricula. AirKnowledge is a central, modern, “go-to” resource for building training knowledge, skills, and capacity for air quality professionals and individuals who want to learn more about how air pollution affects our world.

Section 103 of the Clean Air Act (CAA) requires that the EPA Administrator establish a national research and development program for the prevention and control of air pollution. As part of this program, the CAA requires that the Administrator:

“conduct and promote coordination and acceleration of training for individuals relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, and control of air pollution.”

In carrying out these requirements, the Administrator is further required under the CAA to:

“provide training for, and make training grants to, personnel of air pollution control agencies and other persons with suitable qualifications and make grants to such agencies, to other public or nonprofit private agencies, institutions, and organizations for the purposes stated in subsection (a)(5). … Such training shall be provided to personnel of air pollution control agencies without charge.”

AirKnowledge meets this statutory requirement through strong partnerships with national and regional multi-jurisdictional organizations that represent state and local air quality agencies and tribal organizations.

Disclaimer: The EPA course materials on this site discuss and summarize Clean Air Act programs or EPA regulations, policy, or regulatory interpretations. They do not create new EPA policy or interpretations of regulations. To the extent that they cite a rule provision, or a policy or guidance document, the provision or document referenced speaks for itself, and the citing of it in the materials is not intended by EPA to communicate anything more than what is expressed within the provision or document. Users of the materials should consult the specific provision or document and conduct their own assessment of the applicability of the provision or document to their particular situations. Users are advised to consult with their EPA Regional Office if there is a question as to the relevance of a particular statement in AirKnowledge materials.

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