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After completion of this three-day course, learners will be able to conduct AERMOD. Specifically, learners will be able to:

• Describe, in general terms, what concepts are important to atmospheric dispersion and how they relate to ground-level pollutant concentrations
• Explain how the primary processes in the atmospheric boundary layer that affect dispersion are conceptually, and in some cases mathematically, constructed in AERMOD
• Define much of the terminology that is used in AERMOD
• Run a complete modeling scenario using the AERMOD modeling system
• Develop the inputs needed to execute the various preprocessors that make up the AERMOD modeling system
• Run each preprocessor of the modeling system successfully
• Troubleshoot an unsuccessful run
• Analyze the output from each preprocessor and AERMOD itself
• Describe the AERMOD system better than if they used a third-party graphical user interface